Roaring Laughter

Roaring Laughter

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

      The last thing that gave me the real hearty belly laugh is  the last stay at my country with my family in a fast food restaurant where I lined up and saw the child that stood in front of me is annoyed by a large flying grey mosquito. And so, I tried to help him by slapping the giant fat blood-sucker. I hate mosquito for my whole life! The worst they did to me is they like me a lot but not my sweets-holic sister! I cannot sleep at night if I don’t kill them !

          Then I raised my right arm and hand and aimed at the mosquito which just flied behind the yellow menu board! I gritted my teeth but only have to give up on the mission. When I looked at the boy again, I saw that his great big pair of eyes frowned , and he slightly moved a little with his tiny body toward the large menu board and also the woman that lined up with him seem little but shocked for unknown reasons. 

      After ordering the meals , I walked back to the table where my family are waiting for me with hands of their meals–especially my brother, who gave me a mysterious smile that is a very bad signal to me. And so are  my mom and my sister. 

     My mom smiled and started the talk, “Hey , what are you doing to the boy?” Signal one comes up and excited my mind like an electronic flow. Due to the fact that My mom does not smile a lot and mostly she scared a lot of people with her angry face. My brother smiled wickedly again to my sister and then to me. ” Did you see that his mom and the boy look very frightened when you do something that is like going to slap him?”she adds, “Wait —I was just trying to help him to slap that mosquito–“I explained. “Oh really?” my siblings both curiously turned their head to me at the same time. And then we all went into silence after we clear all the misunderstanding in a minute. All of the sudden, we burst into tearful laughing when we all remembered how that boy looking sad to me while I raised my hand up , and his mom also looks very afraid of me too for the same reason.